Description of the Construction

  1. Side walls are usually made of smooth sheet metal, ground on one side, where the upper part forms a so-called overflow edge of the swimming pool, over which water overflows into the groove and is covered by grills. The overflow edge also serves the purpose of a reach edge. This system ensures noise-free drainage of water into the overflow groove.   
  2. Overflow grooves are made in such a way to ensure a 100% drainage of swimming pool water and are covered with grills made of poly-propylene, for example, stainless steel. 
  3. The circulation of water in the swimming pool is powered by a system with adjustable bottom jets, which are also made of stainless steel, and which ensure a 100% exchange of water along the entire surface of the swimming pool, without any shallow places.
  4. At a depth of less that 900mm, the bottom of the swimming pool is made of a stainless steel metal sheet with a skid resistant pattern. At a greater depth, the bottom of the swimming pool is made of sheet metal with a smooth surface.   
  5. All entrances into the swimming pool (stairs) and handrails are also made of stainless steel sheet metal with a skid resistant pattern. 
  6. Accessories – for example, starting blocks, handgrips, benches, and gargoyles are for the majority of cases, a fixed part of the swimming pool.
  7. In comparison to other accessible material for the construction of swimming pools, currently, stainless steel is more comparable in terms of price and displays a much longer lifetime and quality.