Construction Procedure

Based on long-term experience with the construction of stainless steel swimming pools, development in the construction procedure assembly of stainless steel swimming pools is also taking place, which is the same for the construction of new swimming pools and outdoor swimming pool areas as it is for the renovation of original concrete basins and swimming pools. We guarantee the stated technological procedure to be quick and, more importantly, to produce the accurate assembly of the stainless steel units.  

The Assembly of Stainless Steel Swimming Pools can be divided into Three Parts

The side walls of the swimming pool, at a length of 3-5m including the overflow groove, are installed onto the pre-prepared base board or base strips. Once they settle, these walls are leveled out and anchored to the base strip.

Once the side walls are assembled, the covering and leveling out of the bedrock below the bottom of the swimming pool takes place with sand-gravel condensed powder, onto which smooth or skid resistant (natural) stainless steel sheet metal boards, intended for the bottom of swimming pools, is laid. All piping systems, including bottom distribution jets with an adjustable flow rate are already placed into the powder.   

Finally the side walls are covered with sand and then with soil. Surrounding modifications are done by preparing the entire swimming pool for operation. In this manner, it is possible to build any outdoor swimming pool area, swimming pool or perform renovations to the original concrete swimming pool, in a very short time and without any complex construction modifications.  Most importantly, the possibility of adding any additional accessories, thereby making the swimming pool more attractive, is a great advantage of stainless steel swimming pools.